• For the children to extend their interest in art projects and develop their knowledge and skill in a range of art based medium.
  • Exploring identity through “Portraiture” Delving further into, self and our family.
  • Explore a range of tools and equipment safely, respectfully and effectively.
  • Exploring and extending on projects based on children’s individual interests and ideas.

Current group projects

Group Canvas – collaged group canvas for exhibition. Mixed media - Collaged and stitched, hand printed original painting.

Book of the Month – “The Coat Hanger Horse” by Kym Lardner
Inspiring wire sculptures and creations from the children. Can you make the letters of your name out of wire? What other designs can you make?  

 “Identity” through portraiture using a range of mediums observational drawing/clay/wire sculptures – Children will have an opportunity to explore both self – identity and belonging through family through exploration and experimentation of a variety of mediums, wire sculptures.

Children will research a range of artists who also explore portraiture in their work. e.g Pablo Picasso, Van Gough, Frida Kahlo, Amedeo Modigliani, Alberto Giacometti

Through observational drawing and wire, the children will also explore identity, and look at similarities and differences in individuals. What makes us unique and special? What do we notice and like about ourselves? This term we will focus in on different parts of the body that we use every day to help us communicate and show expression such as eyes, eye brows, mouth, hands etc. how do we use these to convey emotions/feelings?

Creating Wooden sculpture figurines for the garden, Using a variety of wooden pieces, hammers, saws, woodworking tools and loose parts to create a family of people that will live in our garden- artist reference – Alberto Giacometti and sculptures made by children at my previous Kindergarten,

Through clay - The children will be introduced to the process of firing and glazing (painting the clay) through collaboration with Gasworks.
Paper mache masks

Eco Printing Pressed flower/nature art printing – Introduce the children to the process of eco printing, using natural/found objects and watercolour paper to create dynamic/handmade prints.

Gelatin and frottage printing – Introduce the children to the process of printing with natural/found objects and paper to create dynamic/handmade prints.

The “Magic Hat” and other individual Paper Mache projects. - Children will be encouraged to explore their own interests this term embarking on a Paper Mache project of their own. Beginning with some brainstorming sessions and a series of drawings/designs, they will then be supported to create their individual sculpture pieces.