Waratah Curriculum Objectives and Provocations
Monday 26th October- Monday 16th November 2015

For children to extend their emerging interests in the following:

  • Dramatic play in the home corner with a focus on cultural diversity.
  • Water play with tunnels, pipes, tubes and measuring cups.
  • Making wire sculptures of planets using beads and threading objects.
  • Making freshly squeezed juices using the shared fruit provided by kindergarten families.
  • Block construction (building the Eiffel Tower with book display ‘Find Me in Paris’ by Judith Drews).
  • Completing our work project (strawberry papier mache inspired by the book ‘The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear’- by Don and Audrey Wood.

But little Mouse haven’t you hear about the big hungry Bear?”

For the children to engage in environmental science:

  • Making a bio pot, blending recycled newspaper into pulp.
  • Plant sunflowers or strawberry plants in bio pot and closely observe.
  • Science experiment, visual display of how plants drink water.
  • Continue to water garden beds with water collected from the rain water tanks (rostered day).
  • Making a scarecrow, mini project combing all LCK children for the garden beds to protect the freshly planted vegetables and herbs.

“From little things big things grow”- by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody

For the children to enhance their group living skills:

  • Help set up for afternoon tea, lay table cloths with decorative display.
  • Help cut fruit for afternoon tea using chopping boards and child safe knifes.
  • Be responsible for individual belongings e.g hat, water bottle.
  • Place fruit in basket and bottle water on the tray.
  • ‘Have you filled a bucket today’ By Carol McCloud
  • A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids (Activities and discussion around how to fill and empty each other’s buckets)


Preparation for art exhibition individual and group canvas.

Other experiences on offer:

Reading corner, dress ups, drawing, puzzles, block corner, wooden car set and train set, making table, bikes, swings, cubby house and making cubbies with sheets and blankets.

Please note that new learning experiences will be added and others modified as the curriculum evolves to meet the interests and needs of all children.

Our curriculum is informed by The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) AND THE Early Years Learning Framework.

Upcoming events:

  • Curriculum day –Monday 2nd November- LCK closed- child free day (teacher professional development training day).
  • Melbourne Cup public holiday- Tuesday 3rd November- LCK closed.
  • LCK Fundraising Event- 28th November- 4-7pm.
Up up and away!

Up up and away!