On Tuesday the 31st July Jessica Rose (President) and Tracey Davey (Director) visited the Toyota Motor Corporation in Port Melbourne. Lilian Cannam Kindergarten Inc has been awarded $1,000.00 for our Sustainability and Seedlings Program. 

Our children take wonderful care of our worms, as well recycling food scraps, minimising food waste that goes to landfill and creating natural garden fertiliser.

Our worms make two products for our garden: Vermicast (aka Worm Poo) and Worm Leachate (aka Worm Juice). These products are abundant in beneficial microorganisms and enzymes that support the quality and structure of your garden soil.

This grant will help to buy a bigger worm farm and a rotational composter. The children have done a great job bottling our Worm Juice and selling it to families for use in their garden. Thank you to Jessica and our committee who support us in reaching our goals.